“Great care goes into reflecting the inner soul and personality of my clients in each original piece.”

Custom Leather Creations Include:

Picture Frames
various sizes & designs

Leather Framed Mirrors
all sizes

Leather Accents for Furniture
including table tops, leg wraps, coasters & mats

Bed Headboards & Footboards

Custom Cowboy Gear
for work or interior design

General Product Information:

The construction of picture frames and mirrors are original Daniel Miller designs. He works with customer candor their designers to create a piece to fit their persona requirements.

Starting with clear, straight grained, 3/4″ thick wood, the frame is glued together with wooden biscuits or dowels and screws. This makes the frame very strong to last for generations. The leather is 8 to 10 ounce, vegetable tanned, saddle skirting leather that comes from a tannery located in Pennsylvania. The hardware, for the most part, is made in the USA with the exception of the brass or brass plated brads.

The mirrors are very high quality and made in the USA. He used 1/4″ plywood on the back side. All mirror and picture frame backs are trimmed in leather and personalized. Daniel has made frames as large as 4’by 5′. His largest mirror was close to 7′ high by 32″ wide.

Every piece is built by Daniel and requires days to complete. For the most part they become one of a kind creations, even though it sometimes may be only a very subtle difference.